On the Occurrence of Wide Binaries in the Local Disk and Halo Populations

August 01, 2020
American Astronomical Society Winter Meeting #231, Baltimore

Abstract - We present results from our search for wide binaries in the SUPERBLINK+GAIA all-sky catalog of 2.8 million high proper motion stars (μ>40 mas/yr). Through a Bayesian analysis of common proper motion pairs, we have identified highly probable wide binary/multiple systems based on statistics of their proper motion differences and angular separations. Using a reduced proper motion diagram, we determine whether these wide are part of the young disk, old disk, or Galactic halo population. We examine the relative occurrence rate for very wide companions in these respective populations. All groups are found to contain a significant number of wide binary systems, with about 1 percent of the stars in each group having pairs with separations >1,000 AU.