The SUPERWIDE Catalog of Wide Binaries and an Initial Look at the Higher Order Multiplicity of K and M dwarf Wide Binaries

August 01, 2020
American Astronomical Society Winter Meeting #233, Seattle

Abstract - We present the SUPERWIDE catalog of wide binaries that were identified through a Bayesian analysis of high proper motions stars (m>40 mas/yr) from the Gaia DR2 catalog. Initially identified through an earlier search of the SUPERBLINK high proper motion catalog, these binaries were found by their proximity on the sky, common proper motion and similar distances. Taking those pairs with a probability of being a “true” binary (i.e. gravitationally bound system) greater than 99%, we identify ~22,000 wide binaries with projected physical separations between ~100 AU to ~1 pc. We present initial results of an ongoing speckle survey of these wide binaries devoted to the identification of higher order multiples. Using data collected through the POKEMON M-dwarf multiplicity survey, we have examined ~15 wide binaries to see if they are in fact triple or quadruple systems. With this information and more to come, we intend to determine the higher order multiplicity fraction for K and M dwarf wide binaries as a function of their physical separation in order to provide constraints for the possible formation mechanisms of these wide systems.